skin food

Im addicted to skin food product..i like all the product including its paper bags..haha
it started when i saw the shop at nice and cute shop..
all thing in the shop like country story..
its packaging attract me..and unique too..smell also nice..
they will give you loyalty card and if you buy any skinfood product RM20 above they will give you a stamp..collect the stamp and redeem it with a give..sound fun haa...hehehe

all this are the skin food product that i hav...

Tomato Whitening Cream

This cream is packed with fresh tomato extract,organic acid,vitamins and minerals to clarify dark skin...

Texture: it is not oily..smell nice..light cream..
Effect: not sure bout the whitening effect coz my skin tone kind of it coz want to reduce my acne scar
p/s: to reduce acne scar i think i should try their pomegranate sleeping mask

Lettuce and cucumber toner

This hydro-balancing toner makes your skin clean and clear,contains vitamin and mineral lettuce and cucumber extracts.

Texture: 90% in liquid foam..not sticky
Effect: it moisten my you wipe your face with it so much
p/s: at first you should shake the bottle harder to use it but later on it will be easier to shake the toner out from the bottle..dont poke it.

Grape seed oil foam

Gentle cleansing with grape seed oil extracts restores moisture and suppleness to the skin. Effective to remove makeup and impurities for a radiant complexion.

Texture: it is in gel foam..easy to foam bubbles but do not put a lot of water
Effect: it moisten my face..i feel so refresh after using it..n the most i like about this is the smell..i really really like the smell..its like aroma therapy for me..haha..about makeup remover im not sure coz im not wearing any make up..

Rice wash off mask
Exfoliating wash off scrub mask with minerals, vitamins and gamma oryzanol. Moisturizes and whitens the skin.
Texture: soft texture and have small beads(rice i assume)..smell good also..wear after cleansing on dry face and wait until 10-15min.wash with lukewarm water.
Effect: you can feel your skin become soft and moist right after you wear this mask even though it is the 1st time you use become bright
p/s: not very hygienic and you need to used spatula to scoop it to maintain its quality.
Tint star lip balm

Apply evenly on your lips with a lip brush. Apply several times if necessary.

Texture: in gel foam and have glitter. Smell like rose
Effect: give pink colour on my lip..not so glitter..moisten my lip..and my lip look like so fresh..i also wear it at night if my lip seem dry