About Me

About Shecane Crimson....

Just an ordinary girl...easy to laugh...
Height: urmm..165cm(not soo tall..haha)..
Weight: do i need to tell my weight??hahaha..no need i think..
Family: mom..dad n a eldest bro..(proud of my bro n hope to be like him)
i like something cute n nice..

current location: Chemor, Perak

favorite muvi/drama/show: i like to watch anime..horror muvi..n not to forget korean drama
food/drink: like secret recipe(choc indulgent most)..pizza hut..dark chocoholate..choc  ice-cream..yum2..sky juice would be enough for me..but if i need to choose i would luv to order strawberry milk shake
college: Universiti Malysia Perlis(study in environmental eng)

product that ive been used: skin food..colgate..rejoice..baby johnson powder(blossom)..elianto..maybelline

thing i like to do: sleeping..watching muvi..window shopping(if no money)..shopping(if hav money..haha)

addicted to: skin food product..bracelet..chocolate